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Business Solutions


Supported Map APIs

Mashup Technologies offers a variety of internet mapping solutions based on freely-available technologies such as Google™ Maps, Yahoo!™ Maps, and Autodesk™ MapGuide Open Source. Let us help you take advantage of cutting web technologies using our products and services that will lead to your success.

At Mashup Technologies we know and understand what it takes to develop high quality and user-friendly internet mapping solutions, mashups and custom web applications.

MapBuilder Integrator ™

It's time to build your own mashup using Google or Yahoo APIs. Or both. Why not? Based on our experience working in web industry you will get a perfect solution which will meet all your requirements.
MapBuilder Integrator ™ is a set of solutions created by professional developers to make your mapping easier. MapBuilder Integrator ™ package might be easily embedded with your existing database or communicate with Mapbuilder.net as back end interface.
Who is it for?
MapBuilder Integrator is a mapping solution for customers who want to show their presence on the map, share locations and promote certain places e.g. yard sales, places of interest, events, etc.
Major Features
  • Easy installation on your personal server.
  • Easy integration with your existing database/application.
  • Using modern AJAX technology.
  • Server side scripts are php4/php5 compatible. php5 scripts are E_STRICT compatible as well.
  • Source (source code, database structure, media files) is available under the standard license agreement. This makes product customization available for you.
  • Free upgrades.
Tabbed vs Plain Layout
EVDO network coverage
Bowling Green Daily News, Kentucky newspaper: yard sale and restaurant maps
C&C Yacht Owners Worldwide
Polish Business Locations in Chicago

Recommended Price
$600 (includes 1 hour time for installation/integration and customizations).
Additional customization is available at rate of $100/hour.
Contact Sales sales@MapBuilder.net for more information.

Personal MapBuilder ™

You might easily brand MapBuilder.net - run MapBuilder.net-like service under your company name. MapBuilder will serve yours customers!
Contact Sales sales@MapBuilder.net

Custom Web Programming, Google and Yahoo Mashups

$100/hour or contact us to get a quote for your project.

Geo!Suggest ™

AJAX interface for Yahoo! Geocoding API.
Free. Get it now.

If you are interested in some solutions listed above drop email to sales@MapBuilder.net or just fill and submit form below.

Note, all products listed above use PHP as a server-side programming language and MySQL as data base.
Your server or hosting provider must have php and MySQL available to run all the applications.

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