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Featured Mashups

EVDO network coverage

Google Mashup of EVDO network coverage, as reported by users in the field. Visitors can see where Sprint and Verizon EVDO coverage performs well, and where it does not.

C&C Yacht Owners Worldwide

A respresentation of C&C Yacht Owners. Color coded icons to signify their boat length. Automatic zoom features to each owners individual profile and location.

Central Park Birding Locations

An interesting outdoor urban mashup showing the locations of various types of birds in Central Park. Info balloons show pictures of the birds as well as referencing the page numbers from the book titled: "Birds of Central Park".

Bowling Green, KY, Kentucky Daily News
Yard sale and restaurant maps

Map tag:
27,664 Hits after_bars map created by creativeloafing


13,962 Hits DowntownAnnapolis map created by DowntownAnnapolis

Downtown Annapolis Bars

10,590 Hits NewcastleBars map created by sholto

Bars & Clubs in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

  • Map Tags:
  • Newcastle clubs Bars pubs
6,491 Hits WinstonSalemHaunts map created by dirtygreek

restaurants and bars

  • Map Tags:
  • Restaurants Bars winstonsalem
4,889 Hits Food_and_Bars map created by bentspoon

Food and bars in SF

4,365 Hits RenoBars map created by mantis

The only map you need in Reno.

3,790 Hits greenpoint map created by nimblefingers

made by <a href="http://www.justmadesimple.com">me</a>

  • Map Tags:
  • Cafe Bars Restaurants
3,518 Hits Tokyo map created by nxmq

Tokyo trip

  • Map Tags:
  • tokyo club food Cafe shops Shopping Bars eat drink see
2,659 Hits Kreuzberg map created by KreuzbergRockt

Kreuzberg, Berlin

  • Map Tags:
  • Kreuzberg rock Rockt Berlin Bars Kneipen Discos essen Trinke
2,646 Hits Latvian_bars_and_clubs map created by alex3mm

We made it just a litle bit easier for you to find the place in Latvia

  • Map Tags:
  • Bars clubs latvia concerts venues essential depo sarkans
2,048 Hits Hoboken's Bars map created by jandp
  • Map Tags:
  • Bars Bar Drinking drinks alcohol Restaurants hoboken
1,908 Hits Beers in Bars, Bay Area. map created by mrgn

Pretty much the most important information in the history of the world. In map form.

  • Map Tags:
  • beer Bars pubs bayarea
1,891 Hits Astoria, NY map created by craynkshaft

Establishments worth checking out

  • Map Tags:
  • Astoria New york Bars Restaurants
1,408 Hits Burien Directory map created by btownblog

Directory of Businesses, Interesting Locations and More in Burien

  • Map Tags:
  • burien Map directory Businesses Restaurants Bars interesting
1,352 Hits Karens-Food-Bar-Picks map created by kflash

A list of all my favorite places and places I would like to try

  • Map Tags:
  • food Restaurants Bars karen Flash
1,253 Hits Montreal Downtown map created by elwood

St-Catherine's and Crescent St Area

  • Map Tags:
  • Bars and Strip clubs
1,194 Hits Bansko_TAB map created by Pirinlodge

All you need to know about Bansko

  • Map Tags:
  • Bansko bulgaria Hotels Restaurants Taverns Bars Ski Schools
1,020 Hits Dive_Bars_of_Denver map created by seebrown

Where to find that PBR in Denver

  • Map Tags:
  • Dive Bars Denver PBR
963 Hits Try2 map created by SirBilliam

my second try

  • Map Tags:
  • Bars Restaurants gay Parks stairs
871 Hits Pub Scene -- Brighton & Hove map created by monkeybum

Map of pubs in Brighton & Hove UK

  • Map Tags:
  • pubs Bars brighton hove Uk
688 Hits Hoboken map created by davemallet

Hoboken Bar Scene

  • Map Tags:
  • hoboken Bars by Hobokenontap.com
667 Hits Hobokens_Bars map created by jandp

Map of the best bars in Hoboken

  • Map Tags:
  • nightclubs nightclub Bar Bars Drinking alcohol beer wine
662 Hits ChiNeighborhoodHipnessXBars map created by neighborhood_enthusiast

Highlighting concentrations of hipness and gentrification by clusters of different bars

  • Map Tags:
  • chicago Bars Neighborhood hip Dive trendy gentrification
579 Hits Midwest-Biker-Friendly-Bars map created by kmunro

From Quick Throttle Magazine.

  • Map Tags:
  • Midwest Bars biker Friendly harley metric beer
559 Hits WineboffinWineMap map created by ddasilva

Ontario Wineries and Toronto Wine Bars

  • Map Tags:
  • Ontario wineries toronto wine Bars
466 Hits New_York_Sites map created by marius

When you're here, this is what you might want to see

  • Map Tags:
  • Sites Restaurants Bars
393 Hits DC_Wine_Bars map created by uuallan

A map of all the wine bars in the D.C. Metro Area,

  • Map Tags:
  • washington D.C. wine Bars
374 Hits OSUHighStreet map created by EWBworldcorp

OSU Campus High Street Map

  • Map Tags:
  • pizza Restaurants Bars
372 Hits Dos_Primos map created by ecumbee

Location of Dos Primos

  • Map Tags:
  • Dos Primos, Bars
362 Hits Restaurants_Bars map created by bbird

Restaurants Bars Pubs Lounges

  • Map Tags:
  • Restaurants Bars pubs Lounges
326 Hits Wine_Bars_in_Austin_TX map created by enablerllc

This maps shows locations of wine bars in Austin, TX.

  • Map Tags:
  • Austin Texas wine Bars
261 Hits City_Search map created by tkavana

City Bar and Clubs

  • Map Tags:
  • Bars clubs friends dating
0 Hits BerlinBeers map created by glasgowfoodie

Bars in Berlin

  • Map Tags:
  • Berlin Germany Europe Bars pubs beer Bier