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Featured Mashups

EVDO network coverage

Google Mashup of EVDO network coverage, as reported by users in the field. Visitors can see where Sprint and Verizon EVDO coverage performs well, and where it does not.

C&C Yacht Owners Worldwide

A respresentation of C&C Yacht Owners. Color coded icons to signify their boat length. Automatic zoom features to each owners individual profile and location.

Central Park Birding Locations

An interesting outdoor urban mashup showing the locations of various types of birds in Central Park. Info balloons show pictures of the birds as well as referencing the page numbers from the book titled: "Birds of Central Park".

Bowling Green, KY, Kentucky Daily News
Yard sale and restaurant maps

Map tag:
17,558 Hits London-Crime_and_Punishment map created by donaldcumming

Guide to Crime, Punishment & Protest in London

  • Map Tags:
  • London crime History GCSE Punishment Ripper
15,016 Hits Europe map created by smcleod

Living in Amsterdam 2003 - 2006

8,577 Hits Black Londoners 1800 - 1900 map created by Equiano
4,854 Hits The O2 Arena Hotel Map map created by HotelDesk
  • Map Tags:
  • docklands O2 02 dome millennium excel London Canary wharf
4,573 Hits PanoramicEarth - London map created by PeterW

Locations of panoramic 360 photographs in London

4,146 Hits Earls Court / Olympia Hotel Map map created by HotelDesk
  • Map Tags:
  • earls Court Gloucester Road kensington London hammersmith
3,086 Hits RushCroft map created by donaldcumming

Directions for Rush Croft School & Sports College

  • Map Tags:
  • School Sports college London Rush Croft
2,156 Hits CyberLondon map created by Asriel

Cyber Citizens Map - London

  • Map Tags:
  • cc London
1,301 Hits Westminster Hotel Map map created by HotelDesk
  • Map Tags:
  • westminster Victoria qe2 conferences Church house London
1,088 Hits Virtual Tour of New Cross Gate map created by luxxart

Virtual Tour of New Cross Gate, London, 360 degrees panoramic photos

  • Map Tags:
  • virtual tour London New cross gate panoramic Panorama
871 Hits Sally Howard - writer map created by salsvolatile

Features writer specialising in travel, culture, trends and celebrity travel content.

  • Map Tags:
  • Spain India mallorca Writer London Indiana
832 Hits Churches1 map created by nbeproductions

London Area Churches

  • Map Tags:
  • London area churches
807 Hits SallyHowardTravelWriter map created by salsvolatile

Travel articles and reviews

  • Map Tags:
  • London Spain Barcelona America Midwest France china
723 Hits ExCel London Hotel Map map created by HotelDesk
  • Map Tags:
  • docklands excel London Canary wharf exhibitions expo
648 Hits Glaziers Hall Hotel Map map created by HotelDesk
  • Map Tags:
  • London bridge glaziers glasiers city Near hotel wedding
583 Hits London Tube Stops map created by bionicD

Auto Created Map

  • Map Tags:
  • tube London underground subway
557 Hits AbbeyVet map created by anderzabala

Find your nearest Abbey Vet surgery

  • Map Tags:
  • abbey vet London finchley muswellhill islington Dog
524 Hits IslingtonCommunityMap map created by callytimecat

A time bank community map of the London borough of Islington

  • Map Tags:
  • islington London Uk timebank communitymap
443 Hits London map created by wegwezen


  • Map Tags:
  • London
428 Hits London map created by ajones77

Map of London

  • Map Tags:
  • London
420 Hits ID_in_US map created by pixelfrenzy

Locations of interest for the Interaction Design first-year trip to California, Nevada and Arizona

  • Map Tags:
  • rca interaction_design Design London
408 Hits atelier ten projects map created by atelierten

Auto Created Map

  • Map Tags:
  • London Environmental Design services engineering
403 Hits Wikimedia_Commons_Tube_Stops map created by bionicD

grabbed from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/London_Underground_geographic_maps/Tables

  • Map Tags:
  • tube London underground subway
401 Hits our_trip map created by smeatsy

Our trip overseas

  • Map Tags:
  • Melnbourne Sydney Bangkok Samui ChanMai Kanchanaburi London
391 Hits LondonCommute map created by therealchriswest

Map of Living and Commuting Costs to Holborn, London

  • Map Tags:
  • London Commuting
371 Hits WHP__The_World_of_Harry_Potter map created by markbuje


  • Map Tags:
  • England, Scotland, Walles, London
359 Hits Milk_Map map created by filipp

London Milk Shops

  • Map Tags:
  • London milk
358 Hits London map created by erindavisdempsey

Central London gyms

  • Map Tags:
  • gyms in London United Kingdom
331 Hits Jakie Map map created by Stacker

A map of places my cat, Jakie, has been found or reported seen.

  • Map Tags:
  • Jakie, cat, London
328 Hits TravelWorld map created by salsvolatile


  • Map Tags:
  • London Newcastle brighton
323 Hits London map created by moltoallegro

Map of London

  • Map Tags:
  • London herne hill
288 Hits Restaurants_to_try map created by spacekadet

Restaurants in London that I'd like to try

  • Map Tags:
  • London Restaurants
228 Hits 1 map created by magdagaj


  • Map Tags:
  • London Map Activity
139 Hits Old and Current Homes map created by apeltie2

Map of Cities in Ontario Where I Have Lived

  • Map Tags:
  • Windsor Chatham London
31 Hits h map created by Boydy151

World Travel

  • Map Tags:
  • London
0 Hits PSULondonService map created by LondonService

A map of the Personal Support Unit London Service County Courts and Tribunals

  • Map Tags:
  • London County Courts Tribunals personal Support Unit
0 Hits BlackLondoners map created by Gemma1

Map and information on Black people living in nineteenth century London

  • Map Tags:
  • blackhistory Geography London